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Bexar County Courthouse
Bexar County is currently a deregulated county in Texas. The electric rates to the left are for commercial businesses.
  • Seymour
  • Mabelle
  • Alamo Heights, TX
  • Atascosa, TX
  • Balcones Heights, TX
  • Boerne, TX
  • Brooks Air Force Base, TX<
  • >Brooks City-Base, TX
  • Castle Hills, TX
  • China Grove, TX
  • Converse, TX
  • Elmendorf, TX
  • Fair Oaks, TX
  • Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
  • Firm Cases, TX
  • Fort Sam Houston, TX
  • Grey Forest, TX
  • Helotes, TX
  • Hill Country Village, TX
  • Hollywood Park, TX
  • Kelly USA, TX
  • Kirby, TX
  • Lackland, TX
  • Lackland Air Force Base, TX
  • Leon Valley, TX
  • Live Oak, TX
  • Macdona, TX
  • Olmos Park, TX
  • Randolph Air Force Base, TX
  • Saint Hedwig, TX
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Saspamco, TX
  • Schertz, TX
  • Shavano Park, TX
  • Terrell Hills, TX
  • Universal City, TX
  • Von Ormy, TX
  • Wetmore, TX
  • Windcrest, TX


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Bexar County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
Residential Electric Rate Comparison
Residential Electric Rates
Explanation of Monthly Electricity Rate Comparison Report and other options available to Electricity Shoppers.

The Bexar County Texas Commercial Electric Company Monthly Rate Report is showing you the "daily rates" for commercial accounts in the 5 TDSP regions in Texas. These rates are very competitive however, tailor-made rates are many times better for larger usage. Block purchases using natural gas prices, heat factor pricing in combination with MCPE pricing (Market Clearing Price for Energy) is a smarter choice when purchasing wholesale electricity for larger usage commercial and industrial users. Please call and speak with a Consultant for assistance setting up tailor-made options for commercial and industrial electric usage procurement.
Residential Customers

Residential Electric Rates in Bexar County Texas were deregulated back in 2002. The process of deregulation has hit most of the populated areas in Texas but is still a few years off in the less populated areas across the state. Residential electric rates are similar in cost to commercial energy but with commercial rates you will notice they unbundle the TDSP charges. Tranmission charges are normally bundled with residential quotes because the charges are about the same from house to house. Commercial TDSP charges differ from business to business which is why the rates are quoted as an unbundled rate.
Deregulation in San Antonio Texas

San Antonio Texas and Fair Oaks Ranch are the major cities in this Texas county. There are a little over 1,400,000 people living in Bexar County and at this time electric rates are deregulated. San Antonio Texas currently is not within a deregulated area of the county but some of the surrounding cities in Bexar County are deregulated. The San Antonio city electric municipality, CPS Energy is one of the 5 biggest purchasers and users of electricity in Texas. Bexar county Texas has several competitive Texas electric companies to choose from but San Antonio can not choose a different provider other then their city municipality. If you live in Bexar County and not in San Antonio Texas, an energy consultant can assist commercial businesses in how to obtain a low discounted electric rate through several different energy procurement strategies.

The TDSP company or distribution company in this area is Nueces South and still provides the electricity through the poles and wires but this is a different company then your retail electric provider. This means that nothing changes besides your bill. The electric discounts available via choosing a competitive electric provider is great although electric conservation can save a company even more. There are many new and advanced technologies for business customers to help give a commercial business the best value for their dollar. To look into more then just a different electric provider please contact an electric power consultant to see what options are available to conserve and efficiently use commercial and industrial energy.

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If you are new to San Antonio Tx you may be looking for all your utilities to go ahead and get connected so you can begin life in your new town. Having a comparison of electric rates in San Antonio helps consumers know what is out there so they can make a more informed purchasing decision for something as costly as electric utilities.

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