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Brown County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
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Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
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Brown County Texas offers electric choice allowing you to shop and compare electric rates and providers.

Brownwood is the major city in this area and the county seat. If you live in Brownwood or one of the surrounding cities you may have the option to compare electric providers and choose a cheaper rate.

The cities in Brown County are Brookesmith, Indian Creek, May, Winchell, Zephyr, Lake Brownwood, Thunderbird Bay, Blanket, Bangs, Brownwood and Early. Our compare widget makes the whole shopping process about 2 minutes. You scroll through the rates and once you see a cheap price that jumps out you can order online in another 2 minutes. Before you know it you will have ordered electricity for your Brownwood home and will be good to go.

We want to remind our customers that our service is built to offer a transparent way to compare prices in an apples to apples look. We try our best to average in all fees and charges in addition to the rate and show you the complete rate you will pay.

Generally most providers tag on a customer service fee and so often times this is the only additional charge we have to average into the rate. The TDSP charges are already included in the rate by the provider as a matter of legal requirement.

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