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Our widget Helps You Find a Cheap Electric Rate in Marble Falls and Burnet

What makes our site unique is that we would rather be ok at business and making a profit but excellent at honesty and integrity with showing you prices in places like Marble Falls that reflect the entire cost of your energy.

Over the years it was not uncommon to see Burnet electric providers showing their rates in a way that made them look cheaper than others but in reality they were higher.

When employees of ElectricityBid see this type of deceptive tactic it always makes us sick that these things occur so frequently.

When using our widget we average in all fees and charges that may be left off the rate often referred to as a customer service fee. In Burnet County you will see that the rates are fairly shown and make for easy comparison across the board when looking at all the providers.

A word of caution when comparing Texas electricity rates you find elsewhere. If the rate your looking at somewhere else is 2 - 4 cents per kilowatt hour cheaper than what you see on this site it may be a rate that is missing the pass thru TDSP charges. In this case the rate is being dishonestly advertised to you. We encourage you to not fall into this trap but stay informed and browse this site for more information or call us with your questions.

If you have questions about anything we have mentioned please call us at: 1-800-971-4020

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