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In El Paso County your largest city is El Paso and in this city and county you are in an unfortunate situation of not having the choice to pick your electruc provider. Electric choice was made available to many counties across Texas because competition helps lower the price of electricity.

You may wonder how electric choice might become available in the future in El Paso. The way that your city might get a deregulated electricity utility would be if the city government decided that they wanted electricity choice in the area likely because they saw a reason to believe the citizens would benefit.

The barriers to opening up electruc choice are often powerful politicians, entriched special interests, and propaganda spread to make people believe they can't live any other way than the status quo.

What you can do to change things in your city is to show up at some city council meetings and ask some questions related to electricity deregulation. See what responses you get and what has been done to explore this as an option.

If you have any questions please call us at 1-800-971-4020

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