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Our Henderson County Electricity Service Widget Helps You Save Money

Our Henderson County Texas electricity rate widget is a great way to shop for your homes energy needs. We average in things like TDSP charges, customer service fees, and anything else left off of the rate so you see the all-in total price for electricity.

When a website or energy broker leaves off portions of the electricity rate by changing topics deflecting your attention to the TDSP charges, or by focusing on different looking electricity bills while remaining unclear you may be being had.

Unfortunately this deceptive behavior sometimes is unintentional by ones own family members as they join an MLM company that sells electricity and says something like, "Our company doesn't even charge TDSP charges". In reality the TDSP charges are past down on all electric company bills as a part of state regulation.

TDSP charges or pole charges in Henderson County are a charge that pays for the actual poles and wires and the distribution of electricity over those poles and wires to your home.

If someone ever comes to your Henderson home and tells you that their electric company doesn't charge TDSP charges you may be receiving a deceptive sales tactic where your attention is deflected from what the rate really is.

It's true, TDSP charges are not a charge that goes to the retail electric provider attempting to get you to switch providers. That being said, it still will come on your bill and you will still have to pay it. What happens is that the TDSP fee is past on thru to the pole company but as you can see the fee must be paid.

When a salesman tells you their company doesn't charge TDSP charges in a way they are telling you the truth and in a way they are purposefully misleading a potential customer that doesn't understand what this statement actually means.

In summary we would like to encourage you to call our company if you have questions about what was talked about here or need help using our comparison widget.

Please call us at 1-800-971-4020

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