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Jackson County Texas Rate Widget

If you live in Edna, Francitas, Ganado, La Salle, La Ward, Lolita, or Vanderbilt you can compare electric rates and shop for a provider all online. You make the process of shopping for electricity educational, clear, and quick.

We have found that for many people the task of looking for a cheaper electricity provider can be a big headache because of all the gimmicks you have to get through to find a rate that can be understood as containing all fees and charges.

Our rate widget at the top of this page was created with the frud=stration of finding a good rate in mind. We average all fees and charges in the rate so you see exactly what you will pay. Comparing rates becomes easy when you see rates as they will be on your bill.

When you order online with us you don't have to worry about getting an electric bill that is altogether different than the rate you saw on this website.

We have had several instances where are customers signed up with us and then a door to door salesman came by and offered a rate 3 cents per kWh cheaper than the rate on the site.

The kicker is that when these previous customers of ours got their first bill with the new company the rate was a couple of cents higher than the rate they signed up with on our site.

We say this to let you know it is not uncommon for a door to door salesman to say whatever is necessary to get you to change providers even if that will detrimentally affect you.

Please call us at 1-800-971-4020 if you have any questions.

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