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Jones County Courthouse
Jones County is currently a deregulated county in Texas. The electric rates to the left are for commercial businesses.
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Jones County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
Residential Electric Rate Comparison
Residential Electric Rates
Explanation of Monthly Electricity Rate Comparison Report and other options available to Electricity Shoppers.

The Jones County Texas Electricity Company Monthly Rate Report is showing you the "daily rates" for commercial accounts in the 5 TDSP regions in Texas. These rates are very competitive however, tailor-made rates are many times better for larger usage. Block purchases using natural gas prices, heat factor pricing in combination with MCPE pricing (Market Clearing Price for Energy) is a smarter choice when purchasing wholesale electricity for larger usage commercial and industrial users. Please call and speak with a Consultant for assistance setting up tailor-made options for commercial and industrial electric usage purchasing.
Residential Customers

Residential Electric Rates in Jones County Texas are becoming more and more competitive as energy deregulation has slowly been a success. Electric Rates have slowly trickled down to a point that has become acceptable to many. Several other states in America have lower electricity rates with Texas being ranked 39 out 51.

Deregulation in Jonessboro Texas

Mission: Provide quality inspections for the citizens of Abilene on infrastructure projects. Ensure development of the community through enforcement of construction standards
Goal: To provide quality inspections of infrastructure projects, through on-site inspection of materials, workmanship, and proper use of machinery, in an effort to achieve the best possible product. Overview: The Inspections Services division possesses and applies wide-ranging skills and abilities in a continuing effort to serve the community in the most effective and timely manner possible. Key components are to provide technical expertise and know-how in expansion and maintenance of city infrastructure; prepare accurate documentation of inspection reports as well as cost estimates; contract oversight; coordination with utility companies on construction projects; assist other divisions and departments within the city; meet with citizens on a regular basis to discuss their concerns and complaints; and after assessing the situation provide for a equitable solution that would be beneficial to the City of Abilene and its citizens.
Contact Numbers
Administrator 676-6077
Zoning Complaint 676-6077
Secretary 676-6311
Public Works Department 676-6281

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