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Kaufman County Courthouse
Kaufman County is currently a deregulated county in Texas. The electric rates to the left are for commercial businesses.
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Kaufman County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
Residential Electric Rate Comparison
Residential Electric Rates
Explanation of Monthly Electricity Rate Comparison Report and other options available to Electricity Shoppers.

The Kaufman County Texas Electricity Company Monthly Rate Report is showing you the "daily rates" for commercial accounts in the 5 TDSP regions in Texas. These rates are very competitive however, tailor-made rates are many times better for larger usage. Block purchases using natural gas prices, heat factor pricing in combination with MCPE pricing (Market Clearing Price for Energy) is a smarter choice when purchasing wholesale electricity for larger usage commercial and industrial users. Please call and speak with a Consultant for assistance setting up tailor-made options for commercial and industrial electric usage purchasing.
Residential Customers

Residential Electric Rates in Kaufman County Texas are currently not very competitive. There are around 40 Retail Electric Providers and they all price right under the price-to-beat rate. The rates over the last several months have been around 10.8 - 16 cents per KWh. In comparison, commercial rates have averaged between 7 - 10 cents per KWh. January 2007 the Texas state government did away with the price-to-beat state mandated rate. This may allow the residential rates to see some much needed competitive pricing. If the incumbant providers begin pricing competitively the rest of the Retail Providers should follow.

Deregulation in Kaufmansboro Texas

An agreement between the Public Utility Commission (PUC) and an affiliate of American Electric Power (AEP) known as Mutual Energy-CPL guarantees back-up electric service for residential and small commercial customers in an area currently served by TXU covering 51 Northeast Texas counties when retail competition began and this agreement is so far indefinite in order to keep the grid reliable. The area covered by this agreement applies to the following counties: Anderson, Angelina, Bastrop, Bowie, Burleson, Caldwell, Cass, Cherokee, Collin, Delta, DeWitt, Ellis, Falls, Fannin, Franklin, Freestone, Grayson, Harrison, Henderson, Hill, Hopkins, Houston, Hunt, Jasper, Kaufman, Lamar, Lee, Leon, Limestone, Madison, Milan, Nacogdoches, Navarro, Panola, Polk, Rains, Red River, Robertson, Rockwall, Rusk, San Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Titus, Trinity, Tyler, Van Zandt, Victoria, Walker, Wood and Dallas County south of I-30 and east of Dallas Parkway. It is important to note that SWEPCO customers in any of the listed counties are not affected by the agreement.
The PUC has designated a "provider of last resort" (POLR) to serve as a safety net if a customers' REP cancels electric service during the term of their contract.

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