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Lee County Texas Electric Rates Widget Saves You Money

If you live in Serbin, Giddings, Paige, Dime Box and surrounding towns you are in the unfortunate situation of not having the ability to choose your electric company. If deregulation was open in this area of Texas you could save several hundred dollars each year by choosing a cheaper company.

There are a few areas in and around these cities that have their electric market deregulated so be sure to try our widget on this page just in case your in one of these areas such as Smithville.

Many people don't realize it but by shopping electric rates you have the ability to save about $300 - $500 each year just by choosing a cheaper electric company.

Favorite places like the Bullpen Bar & Grill in Giddings or the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Serbin could benefit from choosing a lower price for electricity.

We recommend talking with the county and city government about considering opening up the market to electricity choice.

Having a choice in who you choose for your electricity service is great because new and different plans become available to lock in your rate short or long term. Prices for electric service come down as competition forces all the providers to offer as little profit margin on the rate as they can get away with.

It's possible that some small areas in Lee county have deregulation open and so just to be on the safe side we recommend typing in your zipcode in our widget to see if your area of Lee County has made electric choice available. If no comparison of rates appears this means your out of options for the time being but hopefully in the near future the market will open up to competition.

Places like St. Mary's Catholic Church in Smithville (Pin Oak TX) offer elecric choice so it just depends where in the area you live so be sure to try our widget just in case your home or business is in the deregulated area.

Call us at the following number if you have any questions: 1-800-971-4020

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