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The cities in Real County are Camp Wood, Leakey, and Rio Frio. This county is deregulated and because of this you can choose your electricity provider. We recommend choosing a fixed rate so your price won't change the entire term you agree to.

In a small town like Leakey Texas it always helps to save money on your utility services. Fortunately electric utility services offer a deregulated market in Real County. When Texas deregulated this market over a dozen providers came in to the area to give you a choice in who you pick for your electric supplier.

Some people who have never attempted to switch from their trusty electric company for several decades might find teh prospect of changing electric companies a scary idea. I understand your apprehension because there are actually providers that really don't mean well.

We have taken the time to inform people about electric companies we think are good in this area as our energy consulting expertise allows us to understand the different variables that make a good energy provider. We believe you will find our choices of providers to be good ones for you and your family.

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