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Reeves County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
Residential Electric Rate Comparison
Residential Electric Rates
Explanation of Monthly Electricity Rate Comparison Report and other options available to Electricity Shoppers.

The Reeves County Texas Electricity Company Monthly Rate Report is showing you the "daily rates" for commercial accounts in the 5 TDSP regions in Texas. These rates are very competitive however, tailor-made rates are many times better for larger usage. Block purchases using natural gas prices, heat factor pricing in combination with MCPE pricing (Market Clearing Price for Energy) is a smarter choice when purchasing wholesale electricity for larger usage commercial and industrial users. Please call and speak with a Consultant for assistance setting up tailor-made options for commercial and industrial electric usage purchasing.
Also, leveraging many companies together into an aggregation presents substantial savings opportunities.
Residential Customers

Reeves County residents have an advantage in shopping electric providers for the cheapest rate. There are significant price differences when you look outside the main provider servicing your area. We have put several vetted providers together in a comparison chart that we trust. We encourage you to use our compare widget and see alternative rates in your area. Be sure to focus in on the fixed rate prices as those are the ones that stay the same price the entire year or two you lock in for.

Reeves County Texas Electricity News

Reeves County cities such as Balmorhea, Lindsay, and Pecos have the option to choose an electricity provider. Their are several electric companies to pick from and some do a much better job of offering competitive electric rates then others.

The comparison rate chart above shows electric rates for commercial businesses. These are updated the 1st of each month and you can visit each month to see if electricity rates are going up or down for the month.

Residential electricity rates are not as cheap as commercial rates but they can be shopped as well. Right now the cheapest fixed rate term for 2007 has been the 12 month term. As of May 2007 you could get a residential electricity rate for around 12 cents\kwh. In year 2015 rates have come down from the highs of 2007. There are rates in th 8 cent per kWh range as of Dec 2015. When your contract is up and rates are low it's important to shop and compare other providers but it is also important to lock in to a term commitment so you can take advantage of a low rate all year long. As of April 9 2008 a 12 month fixed rate was 13.7 cents kWh. As you can see prior years we had seen much higher prices in Reeves county. Dec of 2015 showing 8 cent per kWh rates shows that prices can come and go unexpectedly so do yourself a favor and compare and order electric service today using our compare widget on this page.

For commercial businesses we can work with you individually to procure a discounted electricity rate. We have several strategies to achieve the very lowest electric rate possible for your company.

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