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San Patricio County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rate Comparison
Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
Residential Electric Rate Comparison
Residential Electric Rates

Daily Fixed Electricity Rates

These are the daily fixed rates quoted for your county. For MCPE rates and variable rate quotes that are more tailor made for your company please call:


Corpus Christi and Sinton are some of the larger cities in this county. This county is deregulated and so citizens here are offered with a choice of providers. Our widget is a comparison tool that lets you see how cheap rates are among various providers. Someone moving to Corpus Christi that would like to compare and order electric service in under 2 minutes may find our service helpful.

We also offer a commercial energy reverse auction for businesses in the Corpus Christi area. Be sure to enter your zipcode to begin this reverse auction process. For businesses we have energy consultants that work on your behalf to send your electric usage out to multiple competing electric providers and they work the rate down and put these rates in a detailed proposal so you can make an informed decision.

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