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Travis County Texas Electric Company Rate Comparison
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Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates
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Residential Electric Rates

Comparing Rates Can Save You Money

Our widget makes the process of comparing prices and shopping for electricity fast, clear, and efficient.

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    Austin is the largest city in Travis county and so most of this area is not deregulated although their are some cities in the county that are. Cities like Round Rock and Elgin may offer a choice in electric service. The best way to see if your city in Travis county offers electric service choice is to use our compare widget in the green box. Just enter your zipcode and it will show you if any electric providers are available besides the one monopoly utility.

    When you compare electric rates in Travis County you are making it possible for yourself to add about $300 - $500 to your families budget. This money becomes available because just like insurance companies you can save money with electric providers and the savings can be substantial.

    The comparison on our site was made to be educational and transparent showing you the entire rate with all fees averaged into the price. We have heard from many individuals over the years about the frustration of being quoted a rate and then getting a bill with something completely different on it.

    It's important to be educated in the rate scheme of an electric provider in order to do an accurate comparison. We have simplified the research process by showing you multiple providers with rates that can be easily compared with each other.

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